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Sobha Reserve

Sobha Reserve is a niche set of exquisite villas situated in the heart of an idyllic green nook away from the bustle of the city. With over 300 units starting with 4 bedrooms housing a private luxury pool enclosed within a lawn, it's an exclusive community to behold with vast green avenues







land AREA, SQ.FT.


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Our real estate agency is a business that specializes in helping clients buy, sell, or rent properties. It employs trained and licensed real estate agents.







land AREA, SQ.M.


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Accept the developer's asking price if you determine that it aligns with market rates and their expertise. If you feel that the fair price should be lower of face budget constraints, bid a different price in a sealed auction to allow negotiation and ensure financial compatibility.

Discrete bidding ensures impartiality, allowing offers to reflect diligent research and accurate project assessments. This approach promotes fair competition, fostering a transparent and merit-based selection process.

Our rigorous due diligence on developers mirrors the thoroughness of investor assessments, ensuring a secure project environment and safeguarding your interests throughout the platform.

We prioritize security and compliance by conducting enhanced due diligence on capital flows, aligning with global anti-money laundering regulations and local guidelines for a secure and transparent platform.

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Construction, or off-plan investing is a multi-trillion dollar global market. Yet access to the opportunities it offers is yet to be streamlined. Our mission is to make investing in this asset class safe and simple for capital allocators, investors and fund managers around the world.


    Yes, but not always. It is crucial to select the right developer, analyze the risk, and inquire about their track record.

    No. While the price is likely to increase to some extent, sometimes the risk is not worth the returns. Therefore, it is essential to analyze not only the developer's track record to ensure timely completion of the construction but also the project itself to predict a reasonable outcome.

    Off-plan refers to real estate that is pre-construction or under construction. Investors, and sometimes end-users, buy at this stage of development because historically, the price appreciates at a double-digit rate annually, compared to ready real estate, which traditionally provides only single-digit returns.

    No. will only work with the very best developers, hand-selected and carefully vetted to ensure not only that your project is delivered within a reasonable timeframe but also that the end result is a high-quality real estate product as promised by the developer.